There Is No Dog

I’m going to have to read it again, again. It’s wonderful, this teenage God book of Meg Rosoff’s. It’s left me with such a warm glow. (And I don’t think it’s the weather.)

I am definitely Mr B, and since Meg often claims to be a bit of a boy, I can only assume she herself is God. Or Bob, if you’re feeling informal. Although, I could quite see myself as the capable Estelle, too. There are two excellent characters in There Is No Dog who both feel as if they’ve been based on me.

And then there is the super-loveable Eck. I don’t think I actually want to be the Eck, but I do want to have an Eck. Very much.

Meg Rosoff - There Is No Dog

OK, so what happens? God falls in love. Or does he simply ‘fall in sex’? It’s just about all this teenage God can think of. First he made a bit of a mess creating the world, and then as soon as his thoughts wander off in the love/sex direction things go even more wrong.

His sidekick Mr B is sick and tired of mopping up, or forcing his teenage boss to mop. But then Bob’s mother has set him a bad example, and she is certainly not a woman to admire. She won him the job of God in a card game. And after her careless actions put Bob in charge of us – the world – she jeopardises dear Eck as well. Ghastly woman.

The other women in the book are quite nice, however. Lucy, the beautiful love interest of God’s, is a lovely girl, and she adores animals, as is only right and proper. Her mother is just as mothers should be, lusting after Bob’s earthly representative. Estelle is – a I’ve already mentioned – a perfect female. And even young Skype (honestly!) is all right.

This is a great love story, on all sorts of different levels. And that’s without considering Bob’s thoughtless infatuation. It also does explain an awful lot of what’s wrong with the world.

And even more, what is right with it.

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