The western breakfast interview

Well, I suppose in the end it wasn’t too feeble. I have managed to get the interview with Caroline Lawrence ‘out there’ in just under eight weeks from start to finish. I’ve not been lazy so much as feeble-armed, but here we all are!

I think you’ll agree it’s a good one. Caroline knows her westerns, and they are great. We need more of them, and I’m hoping Caroline’s first book about Pinky will be leading the way for many more, both about Pinky – the adorable boy (or is he a girl?) detective – and about others.

Caroline Lawrence

If you are wondering about the photos, I admit to having pilfered some from Caroline, for the simple reason that she took her sister along on her research trips and not me. Those ‘real’ western photos are marvellous.

As a child I always wanted to live in a western. If only I’d known then it would be possible to go to festivals and re-enactments, long into the future.

Now, off you go and read about the western revival, while I reacquaint myself with some old television series and films.


One response to “The western breakfast interview

  1. Great post. A few years back I was lapping up books by Thomas Eidson, and Cormac McCarthy too, still am. I reckon Caroline (and other western fans) would also enjoy the late Michael de Larrabeiti’s Redwater Raid too. Here’s to the western revival! (If it’s ever tuly gone away?)

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