Rock stars

Btw, we are all doomed. And that’s not only because roles were reversed and I took the photos today while my photographer interviewed. (That is so not right, wouldn’t you say?)

Ted Nield

Where was I? Doom. Either we humans destroy the Earth or Earth gets us. Neither is nice. Ted Nield seems quite nice, however. It was he who mentioned our poor future prospects. He did an event last night, which I missed most of, but that’s OK because this morning I had a whole hour listening to him in private while photographer interviewed this geologist on stones and stuff.

So, first I was the mother who dragged Offspring to interviews. Now Offspring drags the mother. Very topsy turvy, and that’s also geology.

Door Pig

We were in the pig room. At least I assume we were. The room at Ted’s hotel had pigs in it. Stone piggies. That’s geology, too. So much is, when you think about it.

Unlike some of my victims, Ted will need very little pruning or editing. I’ve rarely heard anyone speak so fluently about rocks.

Ted Nield

He’s got a rock collection. Or at least, he had one. Most of it has now found new homes.

We strayed very briefly on to the subject of Brian Cox. Then Ted mentioned rock stars. And that’s what we are. He is well known, if not exactly publishing in Rowlings, and to do with rocks. While Daughter and I pondered this deep thought further, we worked out that the astronomy/geology interest has moved from the witchlet to her. And that’s both stars and rocks, innit?

Ted Nield

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