Some Randomness and other news

Did I mention being tired? I’m so intolerant of this life in high lit society.

Anyway. We are sitting in a hotel lounge drinking caffeine. It almost helps. And then Jacqueline Wilson arrived. She came and sat in the lounge for a bit, and at that point Caroline Lawrence walked through the place, buckskin outfit and all. Caroline stopped to greet her and I couldn’t help hearing the word six-shooter mentioned.

Daughter had fit of giggles, but don’t let that turn you off.

Theresa Breslin's boot

We arrived bright and early this morning, called in for Theresa Breslin’s tickets and went and waited for Shaun Tan, who had a small free window for us to chat. We chatted, and that was just as nice as you’d think it would be. PR Jayne also turned out to be both nice and efficient.

Shaun Tan

While waiting we saw Orion’s Nina, who was in need of caffeine. So was Gillian Philip, who was up and out of bed far earlier than she should have been. Bloomsbury’s Emma and Ian were also early risers, but that’s nothing compared to the High School pupils from Oban who got up at the crack of dawn to come here to hear Theresa talk books. (In other words, a bit like me.) And aren’t Theresa’s boots absolutely divine?

Malorie Blackman

More Random names with Malorie Blackman, who was signing after her early school event. She looked like she was in for a long stint judging by the length of her queue.

Time now to go hear Caroline explain away her six-shooter* comment.

(* There is inflation in shooters. It was a seven-shooter by the time we got there.)

2 responses to “Some Randomness and other news

  1. Oh, Ann! Sorry I walked right by you in the tea room! I so did NOT mean to blank you! Anyway, it was great to see you in Charlotte Square – albeit from a distance – and I hope you appreciated the addition of an illustration all about SCALPING especially for you and daughter! 😉

  2. We were in a corner, and we enjoyed the sight of all these great authors accidentally running into each other. And we knew you had an event to go to…
    Speaking of which, I’m not sure we are speaking to you after that scalping incident. 😉
    More about your event when I ‘get round to it’.

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