I am not Derek Landy

No giggling at the back, please!

There are similarities. We are both people. We both speak English. Sort of. We are neither of us incredibly tall. And I’ve begun wearing a lot more black.

But I don’t have red hair, and I have more hair than Derek. No freckles. And I don’t write bestsellers. Unfortunately. The money would have been nice.

It could be that I’ve mentioned before that ‘my’ interview (which was three and a half years ago) with him is the most read piece on this blog. Derek overtook Jacqueline Wilson a couple of years ago, and he’s never looked back, so to speak. Where the readers come from I haven’t the faintest. I tried googling the interview and got nowhere. But come they do.

And he has such fervent fans. All the girls look exactly like Valkyrie and simply must play her in the film. They argue about it in the comments column. Quite a while ago I asked Derek if he could deny or confirm this film business, and then I reported back on what he said. ‘No film plans.’ Do they take any notice? No.

Some of them ask for Derek’s contact details, which I wouldn’t dream of passing on. We would quite like the remaining Skulduggery Pleasant books to be written, which is why he can’t afford the time to reply to all his fans.

They write and tell me how much they like my books. They ask me to write back. I don’t know how they can think this is Derek’s domain/blog/whatever. Does he strike them as a witch?

Or maybe I really am Derek Landy and never noticed?

(Deep down I’m grateful they read my books and like them so much.) 😛

4 responses to “I am not Derek Landy

  1. Kate (formerly me!!!!)

    It’s also quite annoying getting all the emails “[new comment] Derek Landy – “Valkyrie Cain hit the parapet and tumbled, unable to stop herself, and with a panicked gasp she disappeared off the edge.”
    Not as annyoing as people actually emailing you asking for news, but they do add up. Lots and lots of “I look exactly like Valkyrie and I’d be perfect for the part”. They add up pretty quickly.

  2. You have yet to tell me (us) how much of a spitting image of Skulduggery you are, Kate. Are you about the right age? We need at least one Detective Pleasant to all those Valkyries. (Oh dear, that sounds like a Wagner opera now.)

  3. So where are the auditions? I think I’d be perfect for Skulduggery Pleasant…

  4. Funny you should ask. My front room, actually.

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