It’s gross.

But I still enjoy it. Michael Grant’s Gone series does as yet not feature any vampires, and there isn’t all that much mooning over the opposite sex, and the parents have been got rid of in the initial poof. What at first seemed to be a bit of an action man story has gone way beyond that. We’re talking politics and religion and good and evil.

With slime. And worse. It’s so gross and disgusting that I’ve stopped taking it all in. I don’t want to imagine quite what the latest creatures really look like. Once you get eaten by worms when picking cabbages, you don’t want details. Not if you’re someone who would have poofed if in Perdido Beach. (I know. I’d be dead if eaten while in the cabbage field.)

Halfway through Plague I began wondering how many main characters you can kill off and still have enough book left. Especially with another two books to go until the end.

Plague is an evocative kind of title, and it makes you think how awful it’s going to be. And it is. The plague is really dreadful. But it’s still not the worst thing in the book.

I’m not much of a Sam or Caine fan. I mean, I obviously like Sam better than his ghastly brother Caine. But it’s among the other characters you find real people. I adore Sanjit. We have admired Edilio, and some of the others are interesting too. But Sanjit is both funny and brave and intelligent.

Michael, don’t you dare kill Sanjit!!

8 responses to “Plague

  1. Slime? Plague? Just exactly what is going on here?

  2. When they cough they… No, I can’t tell you.
    And these creatures that come out of you… No, I can’t. You need peace of mind and want to sleep at night.
    You live so close, after all.

  3. Kate (formerly me!!!!)

    Plague was brilliant, definetely the best book so far! I find myself really hating Astrid, as she is so pretentious, and just an overall annoying character. I felt there were a few loose ends though, the main one being what happened to Sam, because his foot got cut, but it wasn’t resolved. But overall it was a brilliant book, and I can’t wait for the next one. Do you have any idea when the next book is going to be released?

  4. I’m guessing Sam’s foot and Dekka and anyone else I have forgotten about will be ‘all right’ because of how the creatures situation was ‘resolved.’
    Astrid will probably turn out OK in the end. If she lives that long! It’s what this series is about; becoming who you really are through adversity, rather than being born perfect.
    Will find out about dates.

  5. 2nd April 2012, Kate.

  6. Thank you. I can’t wait!

  7. It’s only 188 days or something. Depending on whether you count today and the day of publication, and whether it’s a leap year. It is, isn’t it?

  8. I think so. Every four years I think, including 2012. I think..

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