Death Bringer

It is still September, isn’t it? (Just checking.)

Skulduggery Pleasant Death Bringer

There is only one thing wrong with Derek Landy’s Death Bringer (or any of his other Skulduggery Pleasant books). It’s big. Taller than all other novels in my collection, and so heavy it’s a struggle for little old ladies to hold and read at the same time. But we suffer this gladly because the gore and the violence and the humour is very more-ish. As all of Derek’s fans would say, we wouldn’t mind some more Skulduggery, right now!

Valkyrie’s relationships aren’t going well. How many friends and boyfriends can a girl fall out with in a week? And how easy it would be to kill those nearest and dearest to you. Though to be perfectly honest, Valkyrie is getting rather full of herself. Beautiful and powerful and with no idea of what modesty is.

But on the other hand, why should a girl character not have personality flaws?Just because she is a girl doesn’t mean we can only like her if she is truly good. And modest.

The Necromancers have finally found – or created – their Death Bringer. Have they got it right? Someone whose task is to usher in death is not good news. The Death Bringer will need to be stopped.

The reflection was beginning to creep me out in this book. Actually, I think I began worrying about her earlier, but here I really did think she overstepped her looking-glass boundaries. Perhaps she takes after Valkyrie even more than intended. Or maybe we do want the reflection to take matters into her own (are they really?) hands. Interesting dilemma. It’s like having a nanny and going out to work and becoming a stranger to your child.

And speaking of babies, Valkyrie has a baby sister. It seems Derek was inspired by his new and plentiful nieces, to whom this book is dedicated. As dedications go, it’s a good one.

And speaking of families, I had at least two ‘aunt Petunia’ moments re various members of the Edgley family, and I don’t mean the twins. Let’s hope Derek will make more – and interesting – use of these hints.

As to the plot. Well, what can I say? Valkyrie and Skulduggery go round doing what they do best, saving the world and stuff like that. China is having trouble of her own, and Ghastly is still sad over Tanith, who does not turn up at all in this one. (Bring her back!)

Geoffrey Scrutinous does his bit, and I’m still disproportionately proud of all he does. But the ‘paparazzi’ are getting closer.

The dialogue reaches the usual levels of excellence, which is good, because that’s why I come here. ‘I have to admit,’ he said, ‘I did not think that sentence was going to end where it ended.’ I do like that kind of thing.

(My fifth book in the Ireland Reading Challenge. Not that this was a challenge at all. Apart from size. And September growing unusually long, even for me.)

7 responses to “Death Bringer

  1. I love Skulduggery Pleasant and I can’t wait to read this one. But I have to wait for the paperback because all the others are in paperback. Plus its easier for my middle aged hands to hold.

  2. I really think my son would love this series! I added the link to this review to the main Ireland Challenge page.

  3. He probably would. You mean he doesn’t know it already? Or he does, only you don’t know?

  4. I had heard of the series a while ago, but forgotten about it, so never mentioned it to him. A fact I’m going to fix today! 🙂

  5. You ARE a good mother. This latest book even demolishes Eason’s.

  6. I loved this book. Skullduggery Pleasant continues to be one of the only series to make me actually laugh out loud. As for the plot, that was brilliant as usual. At the end of the last book I guessed what would happen regarding Skullduggery and the *ahem* other character. No spoilers. But I don’t mind as it’s a fairly smug feeling when you figure out you’ve guessed such a big revelation. But there you go. Excellent book overall.

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