Pub day for Sally

Cow-hood has not yet been fully achieved. Thursday afternoon found me getting on a London bound train, again. But one of these days…

It was publication day for Sally Gardner’s The Double Shadow, but as tired and confused as I was when we first discussed meeting up, I was under the impression that Sally has special days for the pub. She doesn’t. Or perhaps she does, except that’s not what pub day stands for.

Seeing as Sally has been ‘sitting’ on my interview wish list for as long as I’ve had an interview wish list, I was very happy to come and see her on ‘pub day’ for a chat about her marvellous new book. And a few other things.

We met in a bar, not a pub. And it rained. But not inside. The water bottles there were enormous, and later I wished I had stashed mine away in my bag.

After the interview, Sally asked about Son, which was nice of her. But then she is. Then we moaned about the education system, and how dreadful it is and how badly it treats children and teenagers. Personally I think Sally should have a go at Gove and Co.

I hope I didn’t make Sally and Super-PR lady Nina late for their next pub day event, by talking for too long. It’s hard work writing and publishing a book, and a lot needs to be done when the ‘baby’ is ready to go out and meet the world.

I think this one will do well.

2 responses to “Pub day for Sally

  1. Always nice to be asked after.

  2. I have just received this book and am going to be reviewing it in early December. It does look fantastic, I must say….sure it will do well.

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