More Numbers in Swedish

I couldn’t get through this book fast enough. That’s Arvet by Rachel Ward, or Numbers 2: The Chaos, as it would be to you. Rachel has had me continue my slightly out of character reading of her books in translation. And they continue feeling perfectly fine. I suspect the Prime Minister’s speech got a little garbled en route, but that’s all.

Rachel Ward, Arvet (Numbers 2: The Chaos)

Here we are in 2026, almost a generation on. Well, it is a generation later, but they are pretty short generations, what with the teenage pregnancies. And there is another one in this book.

Jem’s son Adam has the same thing his mother did. He sees when people will die. And in this case a lot of them will die on New Year’s Day 2027. The question is how, and if Adam can do anything about it?

He saw Jem’s death date, and had no way of preventing it. Adam now lives with his great grandmother, and they move to London when Weston is evacuated, despite Jem having warned them they mustn’t on any account go to London.

In London nearly everyone’s death dates are 2027, including the people at Adam’s new school. That’s where he meets Sarah, who has seen Adam in her recurring nightmares, and she is very scared of him.

It’s possible to guess roughly what will happen, and also something of what Sarah’s nightmare really means, but it’s still fantastically exciting. It’s a near future dystopia, which is scarier for being so similar to our present, and for seeming so likely to happen. The clichés uttered by politicians, the police and local authority staff sound just like what we are already hearing today.

I can’t even begin to guess what will happen in the third part of Rachel’s trilogy. But I must read it. After all, a few people actually survived. I need to see if they can keep going, and if there is hope for us.

2 responses to “More Numbers in Swedish

  1. I’ll have to trust you about the translation, but I love the Swedish covers. Thanks for the review – it’s easy for sequels and threequels to be overlooked. Not sure if number 3 is going to Sweden – I’ll check.

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