Sam’s day

You don’t really have to worry about what to blog about after meeting an author. Something is bound to pop up, every time.

So there we were, on my hall floor, trying to cellotape Sam Mills’s suitcase handle back together again. We were on the third roll of tape by the time it almost seemed to work. And I don’t know what happened after that. I called upon the services of the Resident IT Consultant to take our visiting author away, along with her suitcase and her emergency egg sandwich. I’m guessing she went the same way all the rest of them did…

My sleuthing hasn’t gone well this year. I only found out about the winner of Key Stage 4 in the Stockport Schools Book Award, and that’s Sam with Blackout. We decided to meet up, so I went to her hotel. Only, her train ran late (what a surprise!) and we had omitted to exchange mobile numbers, but with the assistance of Lucy Coats and the hotel, we were reunited.

In fact, I took matters into my own hands and told her to stay on the train until it stopped outside my house and spirited her away for a cup of tea, before the cellotape incident. I had also omitted to hoover (for longer than you really want to know), so Sam’s careful avoidance of dropping biscuit crumbs on the floor was extremely unnecessary.

The biscuit was a meagre offering for someone who had not only won an award, but whose birthday it was. I should have baked a cake. I would have, if I’d known. But at least I foisted some surplus books onto her, into her crippled suitcase.

What did we talk about? And who? Wouldn’t you like to know? Incest, sex and swearing, mental health, book awards, school events (I’m sure Sam’s two schools today will be just fine) and a few other things. I’m very pleased for Sam, seeing as we met at the Lancashire Book of the Year in June, where she was the eternal bridesmaid, as she put it.

Sam Mills

This way I didn’t get to see Sam in her posh frock, but at least she has her Rapunzel hair for a true princess look. She claimed to have chopped a bit off, but you wouldn’t know it.

Here’s hoping the event at the Plaza was every bit as special as all the winners – and the voting children – deserve!

Stockport School Book Award

7 responses to “Sam’s day

  1. Ahhh … congrats, Sam! And those are great winners, well done, Stockport!
    Witch, do you have your own platform then if the train stops outside your door????

  2. Strictly speaking I have to share it with the normals. And it’s at the back of the house, with a mere ‘brambles and spiky fence’ obstacle to negotiate. We sometimes use the street instead.

  3. It’s a small station. Does not run to 200 platforms…

  4. Ooh, incest and mental health? Sounds just up my street. 😉

  5. Thanks Bookwitch – and Candy (personally think you should have been there too for Tall Story!). My case collapsed again and was sellotaped for a second time by a librarian – unable to depress the handle, I nearly poked someone’s eye out every time I took it down from a luggage rack. But at least my school visits went well. Thanks for picking me up after a nightmare journey; thanks for the ginger biccies, the books and the blog!

  6. Yes, Tabitha. It’s seems to be up Sam’s street, too. Me, I’m more the happy ending type of girl.
    Sam, I knew you’d come to grief with that case, but was just ‘relieved’ it would happen off my premises, so to speak. I think the kind of tape you use for electrics would last longer, but in case you win some other prize and need to travel, perhaps invest in a new suitcase?

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