This is neither the time nor the place for tales about my pen friends. The Resident IT Consultant always falls asleep when I start, if nothing else. But I will mention my Best Pen Friend, because he is relevant. Ish. BPF came from Naxxar, which is such a fantastic place name. I’ve never been, but someone else who comes from Naxxar is Saviour Pirotta.

Malta – and I presume Naxxar – is small. Saviour’s new book is anything but. Even if it wasn’t about giants it’d count as a large book.

Saviour has collected traditional stories featuring giants and re-tells them in The Giant Book of Giants. At first I thought there were some new ones (to me), but I recognised more of them than expected. It could be I’m simply forgetful when it comes to titles, or perhaps I’ve not known what to call them, but have heard or read the stories somewhere.

Not all giants are bad. In fact, thinking of Jack and those beans I’m not sure it’s only the giant who is bad. He eats children, but Jack steals from giants. Apart from Beanstalk-boy we have Coyote Tricks the Giant, Momotaro the Peach Boy, Finn and the Buggane, The Curious Giantess, and Sinbad’s Third Voyage.

Saviour Pirotta, The Giant Book of Giants

Giants are people too, whether they are good or bad or somewhere in between. This book would be great to read to your young ones, and is suitably off-puttingly illustrated by Mark Robertson.

And as a special treat, there is something even bigger for fans of giants. Your very own giant! In a pocket there is a fold-out giant, to beat all other fold-out creatures. I would think he’s going to be bigger than many readers. Not exactly cute, but he wears a kilt, which has to count in his favour. Not tremendously Maltese, but then these tales are world classics.


2 responses to “Giants

  1. A most charming, kilted giant!

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