The Sally Gardner interview

I went about this interview with Sally Gardner in a funny sort of way. There is no need to go into detail here, but I appear to have amused Orion’s Nina with my general scattiness. And you all know how very organised I am. Deep down.

Sally Gardner

As I might have mentioned, where some people have Christmas lists, I have an interview list. Luckily it has a fair few ticks on it by now. Sally was on it and I had vaguely thought that her new book The Double Shadow could well be a good reason to get moving.

Since my own travel ban had almost begun, it was very fortunate that Sally decided to publish her book (or maybe Orion did that?) on a day when I was in her neck of woods anyway. Just wish it hadn’t rained. Those showers forecast turned into torrential rain and it was very much a drowned witch who made her way into some decent bar to meet an elegant – and dry – Sally.

I came badly prepared as well, but fortunately Sally rescued me by having so many sensible thoughts on so many things that matter. It was a real pleasure talking to her.

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