Mondays are Red

I have read my first ebook! I am so proud of myself. Also reasonably proud of Nicola Morgan who has laboured and not only written Mondays are Red, but prepared her firstborn novel for its return as an ebook. She has updated it a little, which was something I wondered about as I read, thinking that this didn’t feel like something from ten years ago.

It’s very good.

And that was quite a relief, because I’m never sure of this business of revisiting the past. It’s also quite lucky I didn’t read it back then, what with me loving Tim Bowler’s Starseeker, which featured that other 14-year-old Luke, who was also seemingly a wee bit crazy, when in actual fact it’s ‘only’ synaesthesia.

Nicola’s Luke has meningitis, and when he wakes up after not dying he’s different. He smells and feels things, and then he discovers a strange man called Dreeg inside his head.

Most of the book is like a dream. We know Luke is seeing things that aren’t real – as well as this new sense of colour – but as with dreams you’re never sure what’s what. He wants to recover enough to run a race. He also hates his sister. He falls out with his best friend Tom. And all because of Dreeg.

There is a man who abducts young girls, and there is a severe risk of forest fires, because it’s the hottest summer on record. Luke takes up writing poetry. He falls in love, but is the girl real?

All this comes together in a dreamlike kind of way, and Luke needs to see what he can do about Dreeg who is beginning to alarm him. Except, Dreeg is Luke and Luke is Dreeg.

It’s almost impossible to describe. Read it instead. Now that it’s an ebook it doesn’t require a trip to a physical bookshop. And it’s a bit cheaper… Do it. If you’re a dinosaur, then this is a good place to start the e-adventure.

Another piece of luck was that the Kindle didn’t die of battery starvation until a few minutes after The End. The Resident IT Consultant’s still searching for the cable as I write this…

5 responses to “Mondays are Red

  1. thank you, Bookwitch. I’m SO glad you liked it. Interesting you say it didn’t feel like a book written ten years ago – actually I only changed a few tiny things, small phrases here and there. Maybe I was just terribly avant garde 🙂

  2. There’s a terrific blog written by professional UK writers – many of them children’s and YA writers – who are publishing ebooks. You ought to keep an eye on their posts at Do Authors Dream of Electric Books?:

  3. This e-book thing is beginning to be catching – I too have only read my first e-book recently (p*tag was what got me onto it) and we’ve just started a feature over at PaperTigers looking at e-books… we’ll be compiling a list of multicultural e-books for children. I enjoyed reading your post and you’ve convinced me I need to seek out Mondays are Red, as I missed it first time round.

  4. Yes, Nicola’s isn’t the only book just out. I suspect there will be a deluge soon, now that it’s possible.

  5. Synaesthesia is popping up everywhere. Must be fashionable.
    And here Mondays are white…

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