The Children’s Book Tree

I might already have recommended a book or two for people to buy for Christmas. There will probably be more mentions before you’ve run out of shopping days. Personally I’m too tired to keep track of how many there are left. But for the Children’s Book Tree in Edinburgh you’ve now got ten or eleven shopping days to go.

This is all coming via Nicola Morgan and her blog, so I don’t know all the finer details, but Blackwell’s in Edinburgh are asking people to phone in – or if you are actually there, to pop into the shop – and buy a book for a child. A child you don’t know, but who needs a book.

The Children's Book Tree

In the shop there is a tree hung with requests for books, from the very specific wish to the totally general. If you want to phone, this – 0131 622 8225 – is the number to use. Or, as I said, you could go there.

I sort of wish I could go, because I fancy reading through the requests (over 300, so get buying) to see if I have a soul mate out there, who would like the book I’d most like them to have. But I can’t, and my local Representative is somewhat busy, albeit a former employee of the Tree shop.

Don’t be shy! Someone you’ve not yet heard of needs a book more than your sister-in-law needs another bottle of perfume, or whatever you normally give her.

5 responses to “The Children’s Book Tree

  1. I did this the other day, courtesy of Nicola Morgan’s blog, and the person I spoke to in the shop said that for some of the recipients, this may be the first book they have ever owned. So this is a genuine need to be fulfilled, not just another random gift to give. We have a house stuffed with books, so I chose one to represent each of my children: for a 3 year old girl, a picture book my daughter loved, for an 8 year old boy, a book that my son would have equally wanted. It’s a fabulous scheme; the staff were lovely and took great care over it.

  2. So pleased to hear that, Kate. It’s hard to imagine, sometimes.

  3. That’s lovely to hear your experience, Kate, and to have confirmed what I already felt. It’s an absolute gem of a scheme. And, Ann, reading those requests is wonderful – sometimes funny and often touching. “Sixteen-year-old boy would love a novel,” or “fourteen-year-old girl would love any book of your choice.” Thanks so much for plugging this for Blackwell’s.

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