Another Edinburgh interview

The really weird thing about interviews (one of them, anyway) is when ‘my’ subjects begin interviewing each other. I enjoyed the one in the Guardian, on Saturday, where Neil Gaiman disguised himself as a Grauniad reporter and talked to Shaun Tan.

He’s had longer admiring Shaun’s work, and they have bumped into each other a few times. That’s how I intend explaining away the fact that Neil’s questions were better than mine.

For various reasons I don’t have ‘my’ own photo of this. But as I’ve hung around the yurt – and the photographers therein – for the past few years, I decided to ask Colin McPherson if he minded me using his picture, which was the one in the article. The nice man said I could, which is very much appreciated.

Shaun Tan and Neil Gaiman, © Colin McPherson

And if you want to know what’s going on, Shaun is looking both happy and relieved because Neil is pointing to where I was at the time, which was diagonally across Charlotte Square, and most likely still on my broom. It was a day when I needed to be in two places at once, but wasn’t. I’ll need to work on that skill.

I’m not sure if Shaun claims to have a sketchbook full of nuts, but he might have. There is a Finnish joke, which isn’t bad. (I have always looked west, for Norwegian jokes, and have never concerned myself too much with what they do in the other direction.)

Not talking too much to your brother seems like sensible siblinghood, and I will never be able to look at the grout in my bathroom in the same way again. But no way am I ‘shaving my leg’ for a Shaun Tan tattoo, however much I admire his little drawings.

Very nice to see two of my boys getting together like this. And so typical that Neil almost talks more than Shaun.

(Although I need to go all nerdy and point out it was this year, 2011, that Shaun was awarded the Astrid Lindgren prize… Bet it was a Graun typo.)


2 responses to “Another Edinburgh interview

  1. Please use your witchly influence and get Shaun Tan to come back to the UK! He was at the Illustration Cupboard in London for one night only at the end of August, and that had to be the night we were away for my daughter’s birthday treat. ‘The Red Tree’ is utterly brilliant and my son would so love to meet him. (We like Eric too and my Finnish friend even liked the Finnish joke.)

  2. Is a child’s birthday treat more important than Shaun Tan? Yes, it is.

    We can but try, but the man has more or less commuted to Europe this past year.

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