The Etherington Brothers

I read it wrong. I was under the impression the Etherington Brothers (Robin and Lorenzo, apparently, so you can understand this brother business) suggested I need to give someone a comic book this Christmas. What they do say in their letter accompanying the press release and their comic book Baggage is that I should tell you to get one instead. It’ll be good for you.

And it goes without saying – according to Lorenzo and Robin – that the comic ought to be Baggage.

The Etherington Brothers, Baggage

Baggage is completely mad. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Randall (who might be a rabbit) is about the get the sack from his job at the lost property warehouse unless he reunites the oldest item there with its owner. That’s just as vague as it sounds. He attracts bad luck wherever he goes.

Then he meets up with another rabbit, who has all the luck in the world. Quite mad, of course. There are one or two pretty girl rabbits. And the mean old boss.

Basically, this is about a piece of luggage being lugged around by some mad rabbits with varying amounts of luck attached. If it can go wrong, it does.

The Etherington Brothers with David Fickling

But, why not get it for Christmas? Or for the Children’s Book Tree?

(And if it turns out they are not rabbits, I blame someone else.)

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