Eric and Ella

This lovely couple who sound like they belong together, are actually two main characters in two new picture books. Picture books that I was all too ready to ignore, but then I read them, ‘just in case.’

Good thing I did. And because Thursday next week is worse than buses that come in threes, I have to start now. You’d have thought that publishers would have published so much before Christmas that they could take a break, but here they go again.

Ladies first, and Ella also happens to be a Cinderella Ladybird. Ella. Cinderella. Witty. And sweet. Also red and spotty, in the most beautiful way.

Alex T Smith, Ella

This Cinderella cooks and cleans, but she meets no prince. This time lover boy is an artist called Pierre, and the romantic setting is Paris. And as I said, Ella is spotty, and she wears glasses. But romance will always conquer.

Eric is an accidental hero. Or perhaps not. That would suggest he isn’t brave. People around him call him names and he feels worthless. But when the monster comes, it’s Eric who saves the day. He and the monster have quite a lot in common. Being a dummy or a dope or a dunce needn’t be bad.

We can all do with friends.

Chris Wormell, Eric the Hero

Ella, by Alex T Smith, and Eric the Hero, by Chris Wormell. Two nice books.

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