Bookwitch bites #65

I got the dates for the Costa wrong, again. But luckily someone kept me in the loop, so I heard of Moira Young’s good fortune almost immediately. Very pleased for her, and not all that surprised. I never did read Blood Red Road, having come to the conclusion that I didn’t feel up to more ‘made-up’ language. Maybe I should give in? By some miracle, I have in my hands the new paperback, complete with Costa info on the cover, as well as a new book world acquaintance claiming it’s a dystopian spagetti western. That does sound OK.

Just received the news that Chris Columbus is going to write three children’s books. I gather the publishers are very happy. Now, the man might have directed Harry Potter film(s), but is he enough of a household name to cause people to run to the nearest bookshop and hand over their money? Especially for books ‘co-authored’ by Ned Vizzini? I don’t know, but find myself in some doubt.

I’m much more interested in the, by now slightly old, news that Lionsgate have bought the film rights to the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness. I suspect his books will make for very good film(s), and look forward to that – ‘made-up’ language and everything – in due course.

Patrick Ness and Moira Young

And finally to Swiss Lady who watched television over Christmas. She learned about this author who had written ‘thousands’ of children’s books, some of which apparently still sell. Swiss Lady had never heard of this Enid Blyton, but was willing to believe the information, regardless.

I’m afraid I harbour grudges far too well, so couldn’t resist pointing out that her beloved, aka GP Cousin, was the very person who refused to lend his young cousin Bookwitch some of his Blytons, on the grounds of BW’s reduced age, not to mention being of the weaker sex, and generally not intelligent enough for the more advanced Blyton books.


3 responses to “Bookwitch bites #65

  1. Chris Columbus write books? Hmmm….

  2. Hopefully Chris Columbus can do a better job with the book than he did with the Harry Potter movies. And I CAN’T WAIT for the chaos walking movies. I loved those books, they were amazing! Patrick Ness is one of my all time favourite authors, and Monsters of Men is my all time favourite book.

  3. If you are famous you can write books. Especially children’s books. Just look at all those other people who managed it. With or without ‘co-authors.’

    I know, Cynical. Maybe there is a suitable role you can audition for? 😉
    (Just wanted to get that silly face in…)

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