Happy 70th Birthday to Stephen Hawking

At Bookwitch Towers we have entered some sort of physics mode, which is an odd thing to do, for someone who did less well at physics than most other school subjects. Whereas I was relieved there wasn’t too much bubbling or generally cooking in cauldrons in physics, it was still mostly beyond my capabilities. (The cauldrony stuff turned up with chemistry, unfortunately.)

Space was the furthest, but strangely the most accessible. That’s where Stephen Hawking, whose birthday it is today, would like to go. I wouldn’t, but I wish him luck with his ambition. He’s got very far for a boy ‘who would never amount to anything,’ so why not further still?

Professor Hawking counts as being famous. He has also written children’s books, co-authored by Lucy Hawking. But I think in this instance I am happy to say that I don’t mind in the least. In fact, I would positively encourage more books like the ones about George.

As for me, I still have the third, George and the Big Bang, left to read. Lucy reckons it’s the best, so I’m keeping it as a treat.

And I hope there will be a few treats for all the Hawkings today; cake, candles to blow out, dancing. I read somewhere that Stephen Hawking likes dancing.


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