My mentor is 80!

Yes, I know. I mentioned the Retired Children’s Librarian only just the other day. These things happen.

But it’s not every day a person’s mentor turns 80. Strictly speaking, I’d say it only happens once, unless you are the multiple-mentor type.

It’s very easy to forget to appreciate what people do for you. Especially those who have ‘always’ been there.The Retired Children’s Librarian was the unmarried, childless friend of parent, who had the time and the inclination to do things with a fledgling witch that are outside the parental remit.

Slightly crazy, and very generous. As I’ve said on here before, she started me on a life of crime, for which I’ll always be grateful. She doesn’t do computers, so I’m fairly safe. However, whenever we talk blogs (as if she knows what a blog actually is…) she always asks if I’ve got anywhere with that topic she holds dear. I expect I’ll need to pull my socks up soon. And Get On With It.


We didn’t murder her, that time when the police were after us. But she’ll murder me for putting a photo of her on here. I have been kind enough to pick one which is better than most. We visited her a few years ago and she took us to Grisslehamn, where we went to see Albert Engström‘s writing shed. (Some shed!) It was a harder task than it sounds, carless as she is. She ‘hired’ her niece for the day, except the niece became unavailable and in turn fixed us up with a handsome young man as our driver for the day.

So that was all right.

Happy 80th!

2 responses to “My mentor is 80!

  1. Happy Birthday to her from me as well.

  2. editorsarticle

    hmmm does rick Riordan blog here??? im one of his fans

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