Bookwitch bites #68

Thursday was a busy day for publishing. I started my reviewing early and I still haven’t finished reading the February books. It felt rather like a mini-October. Maybe it’s a post-Christmas glut of books, while we wait for the snow to melt. (I am so hoping there won’t be any, although the forecast is for a white weekend.)

A year ago Tim Bowler was ‘quite excited because next February OUP are going to issue the whole thing [Blade] as a four book series with different titles and a different look.’ I have to join Tim in that excitement, because I have in my hand (or as near as I can have while typing) a copy of the first new Blade, called Enemies. I read these when they were originally published, before time became a little short. I look forward to catching up with the remaining six parts (this time as three books), and I say this despite finding a quote from some Bookwitch in there. I am not biased.

Back to Tim; ‘I think some of my toughest writing is in there. I hope I don’t sound too pompous saying that, but it is as advanced as anything I’ve written. Without wanting to preach, I do feel it’s got something to say. It’s a massively topical issue, the whole thing about knives.’

Well away from knives at the other end of the plot spectrum we have Jacqueline Wilson and her new book, The Worst Thing About My Sister. I’m hoping to get to it any day now. Luckily I was able to see Daughter off the premises yesterday without her ‘borrowing’ it. Tim Bowler writes about knives, with no personal experience of them outside the kitchen (or so I’d like to think), and Jacqueline has no sister. I suppose they make it all up.

While we wait, here is a trailer for the book.

Hmm. Now I’m not so sure about sisters. What do you think? Worth having? I got most of this kind of behaviour from my best friend who lived next door. But at least she could ‘go home’ afterwards.

I’ll leave you with the history of librarians.

The Evolving Librarian

I am hoping the next step won’t be a blank space, but somebody inspiring, leading on to many more future librarians.

4 responses to “Bookwitch bites #68

  1. I want a informationus primatus. Monkey Librarian, heck yes!

  2. Move to Discworld. They have one.
    I quite like the shushimus, myself.

  3. While you are children, sisters are monsters, but once you grow up, they turn into your best friends 🙂

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