Candied Crime

Long before reading this short e-collection of short stories I had admired Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen for her witty title, Candied Crime. It’s so obvious, but I would just never have been able to come up with it myself.

Candied Crime consists of 13 short stories which are truly short. But the question is whether they count as separate stories, since many of them clearly belong together, so it’s more like short chapters of a short novel.

Written in a deceptively sweet style, the reader follows the lives (and deaths) of the people in the small, quaint village of Knavesborough. As with St Mary Mead and Midsomer, a lot of bad goings-on go on in this small area. It’s as if every individual we meet early on, will go on to have their own little ‘incident,’ sooner or later.

Both story titles – such as A Nightly Burger – as well as characters’ names – Lapsang Souchong (the Chinese ambassador) and Lipton and Darjeeling – are amusing and quite unlikely.

As regular readers will know, Dorte is a Danish crime blogger, who very enthusiastically blogs in Danish and English, and writes her own crime fiction in English. You can tell these stories were written by a non-native speaker, but this only adds to the innocent charm of crime in cosy surroundings.

In fact, there is something chilling about this very cosiness. Give me the big, bad world any day. Those Knavesborough little old ladies are creepy.

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