The new Rowling

We are all somewhat jealous of J K Rowling’s fame and fortune. But is that any reason to become spiteful?

When the news came about the book she’s been writing, it was as if of necessity it has to be bad. Harry Potter wasn’t bad. Not high literature, but still well written and a most enjoyable read. There is no reason why the new book should be bad, or embarrassing.

After all if you have all that money and the time to write and willing publishers; would you ruin your reputation by offering us a poor novel? It’s not as if Harry was just one or two books. J K kept it up all the way to the seventh book, under pressure, with journalists sneering almost as often as they praised.

So we know that she can. And there is no way she could offer the world another Harry. It will have to be different. Maybe even so different that it needs to be an adult book. I don’t know. That’s the one thing that leaves me thinking lots of fans will be disappointed.

I know the early fans are grown-ups by now, but there will be young readers who are going to have to wait. It depends on how adult an adult novel it is. You can always ‘read down’ but not necessarily ‘read up.’

But I’m looking forward to it. And surely it will be good for bookshops? The first post-HP is destined to sell.

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