Liking me, liking you

Do you ever like me? What I mean is, can you like me? There is a little ‘like’ button on some blogs, just as on facebook. In fact, now that we’ve all got used to the shorthand that ‘like’ stands for, why bother saying anything in a longer comment? Whizz through life clicking on ‘like’ instead.

That way we know we have been noticed and are duly grateful for the attention. The thing is, when I click ‘like’ on fb, someone who notices and doesn’t know me, but found my little click very witty, can look me up, to find out who I am. But there is no instant click through to some site where I can sell me.

That’s what you get with the blog likes, however, and that’s why I’ve disabled mine. At least I thought I had. People can link to their own sites, and I consider it as close to spam as you get while still being anonymous.

But I still get emails every day telling me that X,Y and Z have enjoyed my lovely post so much that they just had to click ‘like.’ And I want to know what’s going on. When I look, you can’t like. I asked Offspring to double-check if liking is available. It seems not.

And still the emails keep coming. I’m almost on exchanging Christmas card terms with some of the more regular likers. But how can they like me without the button?? I’m very nice and all that, but still. My most fervent liker appears to have her own successful blog, on an unrelated subject to books, and I don’t see what she’s hoping to gain.

So, are you physically seeing a ‘like’ button anywhere near this post?

I think what my liker does is similar to this. Someone has been writing in the Guardian on how to ‘build a profitable blog’ and I’m afraid I find it offensive. I’ve thought the articles lacking in taste, and the whole idea feels fake. And then people will assume that’s what I do too. Make money for hardly any effort, just by having a blog. There is not much money to be had for free – or even for hard work – these days. Unless you are a banker.

This woman has built up a ‘following’ by being featured in a newspaper with a high circulation. (Perhaps they could give me some space next?) Does she really believe in this, or has she been fooled too?

Apart from the possibility of putting links to the large online bookshop on here, I can’t come up with any money making schemes. Even if I wanted to sell my soul, I doubt it would fetch all that much.

And this is why I don’t want you to ‘like’ me. Like me, please, and leave a comment every now and then. Possibly even tell a friend if you are feeling generous.

8 responses to “Liking me, liking you

  1. Nope. I can’t see a ‘like’ button, so you’re safe from me ‘liking’ you! There is however a Morrisons advert appearing right now on this comments page. Aha! That’s how you’re secretly making shed-loads of money… I don’t think.
    Blogs are hard work, especially daily blogs like yours. Thank you for making the effort – It’s a bright spot in my day.

  2. I like you very much without clicking a like button. Glad you don’t sell your soul – they’re hard to buy back

  3. Nope, can find no way of liking you here (MacBook).

    I have always assumed that you write your daily (funny, charming, informative) blog out of plain goodness of heart.

    How’s the book getting on?

  4. Phew. At least three of you who don’t like me. Or can’t.
    Morrisons ad; well yes. I do like the fact that they once sold green marzipan covered cakes, almost as good as the real deal. I wish I could have some say in what ads you see and when and where and for what. Because I never see them I forget they exist.
    Heart? I don’t have one. The book would have been doing well had I actually been writing one.

  5. I like you, Bookwitch, but I’m not telling anyone else.

  6. Oddly enough someone DID like me this morning, soon after the post went live:
    XXX ‘thought “Liking me, liking you” was pretty awesome.
    You should go see what they’re up to. Maybe you’ll like their blog as much as they liked yours!’
    In this instance XXX is not one of my regulars, but had access to this elusive button the rest of you people can’t find. Honestly, ‘awesome’ is overdoing it a bit.
    Generally I find very little to like on their blogs. I suspect most are bloggers starting up, wanting to build up a fanbase as large and spectacularly wonderful as mine, by piggybacking.
    Now I feel so thoroughly nasty that I need to go away and learn to behave.

  7. I like you but have never been able to find a ‘like’ button. Love my daily updates and I like you even more when you are being thoroughly nasty!

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