I so do not need another Michael Grant series to follow. Blast the man! Until fairly close to the end of BZRK I was under the (clearly erroneous) impression that I could let go after the one book. You know. Read one to see what it’s like.

I did.

BZRK is also an ARG (Alternate Reality Game). It’s an app. (I wish I knew what to do with an app. No, I don’t. I’m old. I have no time for games.) So to an old-fashioned book reader BZRK ought to be no more than an exciting sounding modern toy for teenagers.

It is a bit more than that.

At first I was almost disappointed when it looked as if the first few violent chapters where people go mad or are killed outright were nothing more than computer game plots. But we are not mourning those dead for nothing (why did he have to make them so likeable?). They are dead. It’s ‘just’ that the deaths were caused in a kind of computer game surrounding.

This is a ‘disgusting’ set-up where nanobots and biots fight it out inside our bodies. It’s bad guys versus slightly better guys. I don’t understand the technicalities of it, but you don’t have to. It is a most compelling read.

So, you have these conjoined twins who are evil and are aiming to take over the minds of major world leaders. And then you have BZRK who are trying to stop them. The twins are likely to kill any of their operators who don’t do well. On the BZRK side you simply die. Or go crazy.

Whether because the plot requires some of the action to be set somewhere outside the US, or because Michael wants to attract more UK readers by being seen to move around London, we get quite a bit of British ‘charm’ along with the American action. He does it well. And his Tourists From Denver are priceless.

I’ll never feel safe again.

2 responses to “BZRK

  1. Michael Grant visited our school yesterday, and he was absolutely brilliant. The kids who saw him haven’t stopped chattering about him, and those who didn’t opt into the session have been heard grumbling in dark corners of the library. I haven’t managed to get my hands on my own copy of BZRK yet, having made the mistake of lending it to a kid when all the library copies were out, so I’m reduced to reading it in chunks between one student returning it and another taking it out. Currently all his books have turned into a sort of black market commodity, being passed from hand to hand so they can avoid the reservation lists!
    I so agree with you about the never feeling safe again concept, and if Michael asked me again, I’d still choose death over madness!

  2. That’s really good to hear, Jenny! And I don’t feel at all sorry for those who chose not to go. How could they make such a mistake?
    Never lend a book. Unless it’s the library’s.

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