Bookwitch bites #74

Because I can. Rather like the annoying DiNozzo in NCIS, except he does bad things ‘because he can.’ Here I will present you with things I’ve got up to because it was possible, or because I was lucky. And cheeky enough to ask.

I hinted earlier in the week that you’d see more of James Draper’s socks. Here they are, in all their froggy, Kermit-y glory. It’s the power of being able to say to someone ‘show me your socks!’… Any sensible person would say no, whereas Manchester Children’s Book Festival organiser James is just nice. The shoes are nice, too.

Kermit socks

‘Oh crikey you live in Stockport’ comes under the heading ‘favourite subject lines’ in my inbox. I correspond intermittently with one of my wonderful blog readers, and didn’t mind in the least when this reader said something rude about my home town some months ago. But his/her awakening was fun. At least for me. (There was really no need to apologise.) And then came the irregularly addressed Christmas card, as seen below. (I’ll never receive another one after this.)


My most popular interview (hits wise) is the Derek Landy one. And I am still not him. Someone who seemed to realise this, when she read Derek’s guest post in October, still thought it’d be nice if Derek could read her very enthusiastic fan gushings on Bookwitch. So I half offered to ask him. She more than half asked me to actually do so. And the lovely man did, and for a few minutes away from his Skulduggery-ing, Derek wrote her a reply. I can never ask anyone to do so again.

Bookwitch comment

And – this must be an Irish thing – my Cynical reader sent me a message to tell Michael Grant ‘in no uncertain terms’ not to kill Edilio or Dekka, but that he ‘can do what he wants with Astrid.’ Michael took this in the good natured way it was intended (it was, wasn’t it?), and consented to a photographical hello to his Cynical fan.

Michael Grant


It wasn’t my first time. But I suppose my luck could be running out and I need to think of new ways to embarrass people and myself. Before they run away when I turn up. (Actually, many of them already do.)


3 responses to “Bookwitch bites #74

  1. Ah, nice socks!
    My daughters gave me a pair with skulls. My students really like it when they notice those ones 🙂

  2. If they notice, then your trousers are too short.

  3. Nope. It´s because my trousers are long enough that they rarely notice 😉

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