Here’s one they made earlier

I’ve been working on educating the Resident IT Consultant. Whenever the Guardian publishes a photo of whoever they are writing about, you can be fairly certain it will be an ex-Edinburgh Book Festival photo, if the person ever appeared there. And let’s face it, most people seem to have passed through at some time or other. It’s a convenient way of collecting images. And having been on the other side (I don’t mean that other side; just the right side of the cameras) I can now recognise them instantly.

The Guardian on a Saturday also does a My Family Values regular thing, which featured Jacqueline Wilson last week. Her photo ‘hit’ me from across the room (well, it was big) and when I quizzed him, the Resident IT Consultant gave me the correct answer at once.

This time there was nothing really new, seeing as I keep up with who Jacqueline is. It was as I got to the end, where they mentioned her most recent book, that I worked out that these columns are most likely made quite some time in advance. OK, so they don’t expect people to pop two books every year, but her September book is no longer the most recent.

And then I thought about the mention of the Jacqueline Wilson exhibition at Seven Stories in Newcastle, and the penny dropped, albeit slowly. Maybe they prepared this piece back in October, when both exhibition and book were brand new? That’s when there was extra media interest in both.

So even national newspapers ‘make things earlier’ and keep until needed, or wanted.

Jacqueline Wilson and paparazzi

As for the photo which started this post, can you see me there? On the other side? I’m not there all the time, but increasingly I have my own version of what the ‘real’ press use. And sometimes it feels as if the Witch Photo Gallery (I just made that up) actually has pictures the ‘real’ photographers never end up using. Whereas I have used this one several times. (To be fair, Colin McPherson who is getting ‘his’ book signed here, recently let me use one of his photos for free.)

I too do Blue Peter style blog posts. You never know when you’ll have a rainy day and need a magically transformed bottle of washing-up liquid. It’s not Sapphire Battersea which is the latest. It is The Worst Thing About My Sister. And if it isn’t, then this post has Blue Petered out of all control.

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