Where am I heading?

It’s a bit of a cliché, and I apologise, but I have been craving some colour co-ordinated books up on top here. I just have. I know ‘everyone’ else with a book blog also has books, and I know some have the colours, but I just couldn’t help myself, all right?

The shape of a blog header is made for a row of books, don’t you think? And no book was spared in the making of Bookwitch’s new head(er). I picked and I planned and I carried. I remembered that I don’t have all the books. Offspring look after certain categories, so I went to see what they had to offer.

And in case you thought Daughter provided Love Lessons for that lovely red colour, I’ll have you know her copy was buried so deep that I went and borrowed Son’s copy instead. Yes, I know. It’s not every witch who has a son who owns a red Jacqueline Wilson book.

I lined them all up and then I wondered what on earth I should do with the whites and the blacks, as they aren’t part of the rainbow I was aiming for. But as you can see, I thought of something. (To be perfectly honest, without the black and white ends they would all have toppled sideways.)

When I had photographed them a few times (not all of the books said ‘cheese’ at the same time…) I had to carry them all back. And whereas getting the books off the shelves is relatively easy (according to the principle that anything will come down), returning them meant lugging the stepstool out to reach the top. But because my shelves had already begun to look untidy, I suppose it was good that I had to do it again.


I will now be able to accommodate another ten books or so, after reading, and after that, I will be as desperately off as I was only the other day.

6 responses to “Where am I heading?

  1. I like to play with my books. I sometimes create a rainbow, sometimes making designs depending on book size, etc 🙂

  2. It looks really nice! And as for the books, most of them are ones I actually like (with the exception of Jacqueline Wilson and those I haven’t read).

  3. Nikky, I got my final inspiration from my tbr pile, which I recently ‘improved’ on by doing the colour thing. And don’t get me started on how I fill the dishwasher or hang my socks to dry.
    Cynical, the JWs are better than you think. And I especially like the cover of Candyfloss, because it’s such a dreamy pink. Hope you noticed the green and Irish book right in the middle?

  4. Yes I had actually. The New Policeman, I love that book!
    I have actually read Candyfloss, and several other JW books, I just don’t like them. There’s something about books about ordinary people that I don’t like. I’m more of a fantasy person… (Though I did enjoy Anne Frank. As much as you can enjoy it.)

  5. While decorating our bedroom. we had to once temporarily store some of our books in the bathroom (ridiculous, I know, but it was the tiniest of cottages). All stacked in precarious horizontal piles, so when one was needed memory of size and colour was essential.

  6. Linda, vertical might have been better? I find the main problem apart from poor memory is that the spine has been bleached beyond all recognition. That is also my main reason for not doing everything the colour way.
    Cynical, I agree a little. Sometimes everyday problems are just not the same as fantasy plots. But some are better than others. You ‘liked ‘Anne Frank. Enjoying is a little over-enthusiastic. But I know what you mean.

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