Permanent Rose

My WBD book about Rose the other day was an appetiser. It was that short. I felt I deserved a main course too, so allowed myself to read Permanent Rose while I was in my Hilary McKay mood. (I always am, actually, but try to keep the Casson tales going for as long as possible.)

If my knees were up to it I would go down on them and worship Hilary. She’d need to be in the same room, obviously. She’s not. Just as well, since that avoids a lot of embarrassing behaviour from me.

How is it possible to write such perfect stories where (as Daughter said when she recently read her first Casson) nothing happens? Until suddenly quite a few little somethings happen and you laugh and you cry and just feel ridiculously happy.

Permanent Rose

Saffron is looking for her unknown father in Italy. Caddy is trying to become un-engaged. Indigo has lost a good friend and gained a new – unwanted – one. And Rose is trying to help. Eve is in her shed, when she’s not at the hospital, painting stuff to make the patients think of other things. Home. Nudes.

There is a dead cat and a loser boy. An expensive ring. Shoplifting. There is Daddy Casson’s girlfriend, who seems exceptionally nice, and well suited to the Casson style. Lancelot and Arthur have minor parts to play. I just wish I’d seen the hint of what was to come a little earlier. I mean I did. I just didn’t stop to think.

If ever a series of books was crying out to be given the crossover treatment, this is it. Yes, they are children’s books. But they are also grown women’s books (so could do with an adult cover option…). I love them. I just don’t know how I will stop myself from going straight on to the next book.

I need my Cassons!

6 responses to “Permanent Rose

  1. Here here! or is it, Hear hear!
    Whichever. I agree.

  2. Where? Oh, there you are!

    I believe it is ‘hear, hear.’ ; )

  3. I have paused my habitual Christmas cake making to come here and say thank you (and smirk a bit).

  4. Although actually your daughter is right.

  5. Smirk? October will be early enough, thank you very much. (Maybe better put that in my diary…)

    Is she?

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