Stitch Head

Guy Bass with Stitch Head

In the end I don’t think it mattered that Stitch Head The Pirate’s Eye is Guy Bass’s second book about Stitch Head. I fell right into the swing of things. Maybe it helped that I met Stitch Head in person the other week, or perhaps it’s just having a general understanding of how mad scientists tend to create new creatures in their castles.

Stitch Head is a sweet little thing, but he needs to get out more and he must learn to appreciate his own worth.

Guy Bass and Pete Williamson, Stitch Head The Pirate's Eye

Here he revisits his favourite pirate by becoming something of a pirate himself. It’s not easy for someone stuck in his room, and who doesn’t believe in himself, but Stitch Head can do it.

He builds himself a boat, and he sorts out the important things like a sword and a parrot (not entirely satisfactorily), and with his dear friends Creature and Arabella he sets out to do good things. Because it’s time. Because he deserves to.

Whenever Pete Williamson illustrates a book, his pictures are always good and always important. Here I would say they make the book what it is (not that the story is wanting, because it isn’t), and it’s a pleasure to look at every single page.

That doesn’t always happen.

Guy Bass and Pete Williamson, Stitch Head The Pirate's Eye


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