For a few summers, some years ago, we used to hire a car from a man in Sweden. His rates were good, and he liked hiring his car out to ‘foreigners.’ He would leave it in the station car park for us to pick up, so we rarely saw him.

Hence the note left for us one year: ‘Window brocked. A little.’ The windscreen did, indeed, have a crack in it. The crack was still there the year after. And we still enjoy quoting from his efforts.

You might recall I told you about Son’s exploits at the Old Bailey when he was a teenager. This last week he has been back in court, and it looks like he will spend at least next week there as well. It’s not been big news in Britain, but there is a trial at the High Court in Glasgow, in connection with the terrorist bomb in Stockholm a year and a half ago.

And all those policemen coming over here as witnesses need an interpreter…

I trust your linguistic knowledge, so I wouldn’t mind an opinion on what word you would use to describe a jacket that has ‘survived’ a bomb blast. ‘Broken’ has been (mis)quoted in the press, but clothes don’t tend to break, do they?

I’m fairly sure what the original word would have been, and considering that the wearer of the jacket had his intestines rearranged (my apologies for mentioning this), I suspect the state of his garment must have been well past being brocked.

Torn to shreads?

(I can’t help but feel the press should quote what they hear, not what someone has put in the information sheet, translated by goodness knows who.)


2 responses to “Torn

  1. ‘Damaged’. I’d even say ‘badly-damaged’ but that description always makes me think that whoever set out to do said damage did a very poor job of attack and so the item is probably intact…

  2. Yes. In an unfeeling, distant sort of mode I wonder if the jacket did better than its now late wearer. Maybe the jacket is also late.

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