Vampire Dawn

I know you felt safe from vampires over here, but there is no such thing as safe. And this new vampire series by Anne Rooney is no safe, pale, veggie kind of vampire series. Anne might count herself veggie, but it’s been a long time since I encountered so much blood in books. I’d recommend not reading and eating at the same time.

Intelligently written, with humour – and blood – and exciting and dangerous, this is a series of easy to read books for older readers. Seven books in total. You have to start with Die Now or Live Forever. It’s where the five teenagers Finn, Juliette, Omar, Ruby and Alistair go camping in the woods in Hungary. Almost before they can say ‘bat’ they have turned into vampires, much to everyone’s surprise.

The next five books are one for each teenager, and can be read in any order, as they don’t have much to do with the others after ‘the change.’ You find out what their lives are like afterwards. Not that they have much of a life, some of them.

There is blood. Did I say? And the books are quite scary in places. I think I found Drop Dead Gorgeous the hardest to digest. There is an aspie vampire, naturally. And all the teenagers encounter some famous people that we have erroneously believed to be long dead. Undead is what they are.

Anne Rooney, Vampire Dawn

Once you have covered In Cold Blood, Every Drop of your Blood, Life Sucks and Dead on Arrival, you can study the very useful Bloodsucking for Beginners.

Anne has evidently done a lot of research. I know she is brainy and all that, but I hadn’t realised it was possible to research vampirism.

And all that blood…

9 responses to “Vampire Dawn

  1. *shudders* But yet again I’m being drawn inexorably towards these books. They are coming to get me!

  2. I just love the idea of a book entitled ‘Blood Sucking for Beginners’….will be looking out for these!

  3. V. Kathryn Evans

    No surprise these are well researched – they sound chilling and thrilling – about time vampires were give their scare back.

  4. I have to say I’m especially partial to Bloodsucking for Beginners. It’s not only useful – or would have been – but has some great little sentences in it. Pure joy to read.
    Nicola, they are. Watch it.

  5. Katherine Langrisj

    I can sense Count Dracula’s relief at this new intake! Young vampires with backbone at last!

  6. Katherine Langrish

    Whoops. LangrisH! (It’s the Rumanian influence getting to me…)

  7. I suspect you need some ProVamp, Langrisj. The need for blood is making you weak.

  8. selena_is_my_name

    would you consider this book to be in the Gothic genre?

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