I’m not dead. Just resting from the 24 hours a certain blog host wobbled between treacle status and ‘no-I-don’t-think-we-will-bother-to-work-at-all’ status. As for myself I will think of something witty to say tomorrow, once I’ve recovered. And if I don’t, you’ll get the normal old rubbish.

3 responses to “Outgruelled

  1. I had also been looking forward to my 1900th post. Don’t know why. Maybe the number appealed, somehow.
    This is it. And what a marvellous one, to mark the occasion!
    (I can tell ‘they’ have been working on this blogware stuff. It was different this morning. I don’t like change.)

  2. Glad you’re not dead. Worrying about you quite put me off my cereal. And I like the normal old rubbish.

  3. In this hot weather you need to be careful with your milk. Perhaps have the cereal dry.
    I’m still not getting anywhere much.

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