Poppy the Pirate Dog

I am so with Poppy. I too want to be a pirate. Although, not being a Dalmatian, and thereby not spotty (at least in that sense), I wouldn’t look anywhere near as good in a black and white skull and crossbones scarf. Poppy looks the perfect pirate.

It’s just that, well, being a pirate on the high (choppy) seas, is a little rough sometimes.

As soon as I heard that Liz Kessler was going to write a book about her dog, I knew I had to read it. I’m not so much an Early Reader, but I still enjoyed Poppy’s holiday by the seaside. Poppy’s fictional family had great fun, but Poppy didn’t find it quite as marvellous as she had imagined.

Used to reading about pirates she knew all about them. Or so she thought. But those boats her family chose to take day trips on were not very friendly. Rough and wet. A dog can be forgiven for not feeling up to pirating under such conditions.

But Poppy’s family is a most understanding kind of family, so in the end they sort something out for her. The perfect pirate ship does exist. You just need to look hard.

Liz Kessler and Poppy working in the garden


3 responses to “Poppy the Pirate Dog

  1. Thanks for this lovely review! (And thanks from Poppy too!)

  2. I’ll expect her to become a daily blogreader here from now on.

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