Not as much news as I would like

Look on this brief post as your emergency early morning ersatz Bookwitch post. You know me. There will obviously be more. Later.

We went to London yesterday for all sorts of jollities. The aforementioned Faraday event with Professor Frank James in the evening. And before that a meeting with Nick Green, the long time Bookwitch favourite.

It was more of a family outing than ever before. Usually I take one lucky family member to various happenings. Thursday’s trip involved two of them. Yes, I invited both Daughter/Photographer to come, as well as the Resident IT Consultant, who got special dispensation for a spot of witch travelling, seeing as it was for Faraday.

This will not be repeated anytime soon.


2 responses to “Not as much news as I would like

  1. Sounds exhausting but fun!

  2. I have spent the morning recuperating, and feel almost ready to tackle the non-serious end of my report. Remind me to travel alone next time!

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