That’s a really large pen

James Draper and a late breakfast snack

Day five of the mcbf and some of us were flagging… But who wouldn’t get out of bed for the lovely Cathy Cassidy? (The cowards among us had to give her Cloud 23 event on Sunday a miss, or risk screaming our heads off. 23 floors up is very high. Isn’t it?)

Cathy Cassidy

Monday morning we gathered at Longsight Library, which is nice and large and new. Cathy Cassidy was there to talk about her writing, and to send the Reading and Writing Relay runner off with the baton. I believe they were children from Y5, and they were the best behaved I have ever seen at a book event.

Cathy started to derail their education by suggesting they daydream more. She did it all the time, and look where it got her! (Same place as them, actually; Longsight Library.) On her website they should be able to find tips on ‘how not to get caught.’ She showed them pictures of her shed and her teepee, but I believe we never got to see the sheep…

She talked about her first job on Jackie magazine, and suggested the children might want to start a school magazine, if they don’t already have one.

Cathy Cassidy

Cathy’s new book is Summer’s Dream, but she read from the first in the series, Cherry Crush, so once they are done daydreaming the children know how to tip macaroni cheese and chips (where is Jamie when we need him?) onto people’s heads. She had already mentioned an early job as a waitress where she dropped food a lot, so that must be where Cathy learned this particular skill.

To finish Cathy let the children work out which character they are most like, and it came as no surprise that the boys generally ended up as  ‘the most annoying boy in the world’ which seemed to satisfy them. Despite Cathy being such a Girls’ Author it was mainly the boys who asked questions afterwards, so hopefully all were happy with the visit.

Children at Longsight Library

Reading and Writing relay runner with Cathy Cassidy

Reading and Writing relay runner

Reading and Writing relay runner

Reading and Writing relay runner

James then presented Cathy with the most enormous pen for her to sign her book with, before we trooped out into the rain to see the relay runner run off with the pen (it was really the baton) towards the first participating school. The children were given samples of Soreen, and whereas I normally shy away from too much advertising, us adults were all quite peckish by then and I have to say I really enjoyed mine. (I shall place an order with my shopper.)

The children donned their high visibility vests and walked back to their schools, and the rest of us spread on the winds. I will be honest and admit that our diminished stamina meant that your witch and her photographer never made it to see Andrew Cope and his clever dog Lara in the afternoon. We couldn’t cope. Those who did, found him so refreshing that it was easier to cope afterwards.

Longsight children watching the relay start

Sorry to have missed the dog, and I believe there was a trained guinea pigs story somewhere as well.

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