Stravaganza – City of Swords

The last Stravaganza novel is published today. That feels so sad, but it is a fantastic read, as usual. Mary Hoffman is in Manchester today, so I hope to be able to report any fresh news on the Stravaganza front soon.

Mary Hoffman, City of Swords

The new Stravagante in City of Swords is Laura, who cuts herself. Somewhat interestingly, she ends up with a dagger as her talisman, and it takes her to Fortezza in Talia, where war is about to break out. Laura’s problem – and that of the other Stravaganti – is that she supports both sides of the conflict.

Even more than in previous books, we see all the other Stravaganti getting involved, and there are some other highly interesting developments, as well. Needless to say, there is plenty of romance and the di Chimicis are still both very bad and a little good. Fabrizio is as stupid as ever.

It’s exam time in London, so the last thing any of the teenagers need is to stravagate to Talia most nights. But sometimes there are more important things than exams. You learn about things through living them, and some London teenagers will have more than their share of knowledge on ancient warfare techniques.

Mary ties up a lot of plot strands in City of Swords, which is reassuring in one way, but not in the world where we want more Stravaganza novels. Things don’t generally end badly in Mary’s cities, so there is no need to worry about Fortezza. It can be bad for the minor characters, but on the whole this is feelgood historical fantasy.


4 responses to “Stravaganza – City of Swords

  1. What a wonderful excuse to go back and re-read all the earlier novels – just to ensure I remember who everyone is, you understand.

  2. There is no need! 😉 Mary has a list of everybody at the back of the book.

  3. I had no idea that there was another book coming out. My day has just been brightened!

  4. We like to be of service.
    Maybe you will now sign our petition for all twelve Talian cities to become books? Six is far too early to call it a day, and despite there being lots of tying up, there are some suggestions for things that could still happen.
    I need more!

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