I’m no poodle

We went chasing rainbows the other evening. We didn’t know we would, but when we saw the double rainbow, we couldn’t resist. (The rumours are just that. Rumours. No pot of gold anywhere.)

Double rainbows with small dog on the side

It was out by the old lifeboat station, and it was nice and peaceful. While I searched for a suitable rock to rest on (I’m not as young as I was) we were overtaken by lady with cute poodle. She then proceeded to place said poodle on on a nice looking rock (one I could have sat on) and went on to take lots of photos, while the dog posed like it was born to model.

So she got a poodle with rainbows in the background. She even showed us her earlier attempts at seagull with rainbow. The poodle ones were nicer. (In some places people would be wary of stopping and chatting to weird foreigners, let alone whipping out their fancy phones in front of them.)

As poodle and lady left, I sat down on the rock. The Resident IT Consultant clearly felt he needed a poodle alternative, so bravely jumped across to some other rocks from which to photograph his wife.

And what a mistake that was! Maybe one day he’ll learn not to ruin perfectly good double rainbows with witches on rocks.

Next time he’ll know to borrow the poodle.

Fishing huts with rainbows

2 responses to “I’m no poodle

  1. Came across you by accident and am relishing your point of view. I also loved the spare landscape in these pictures. I am fascinated by rainbows but have never captured one like this. Twice, by the time I had my camera out it had vanished. A metaphor for many things of fleeting beauty.l

  2. I was quite surprised the rainbows hadn’t vanished by the time I looked at the photos.

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