Horse power

We met these horses the other day. They look very nice. I know virtually nothing about horses, and that includes why they have what appears to be rubber drinking straws down their cheeks. It could be a fashion thing. Or, extremely practical.

Horses by Särdals Kvarn

I think there are four of them. Counting legs got me to 14 legs, which is roughly three and a half horses.

Then there were horses with very short legs, but each with a full set.

Short horses by Särdals Kvarn

6 responses to “Horse power

  1. There are 4 horses in the first picture.

  2. So I assume your children’s book reading didn’t include all those horsey stories! (I missed them too, and fell off a horse at a young age as well, so everything I know about horses comes from Black Beauty. Oops.)

  3. Oh, I did read horse books. Jill, for instance. Others, the titles of which completely escape me. And more recently K M Peyton. War Horse, if that counts.
    I’m just worried some expert will tell me these horses are ponies, or some such thing. How can one tell?

  4. I think the second set look like ponies, but I’m really not an expert…

    Although on reflection, I also read a few horse books. Some Lorna Hill, definitely, even if I found the ballet ones more interesting. And the Billabong series, set on a cattle station in Australia, where everyone was constantly on horseback. But since none had pictures, that’s not terribly helpful in this situation!

  5. Yep, the the second pic is of ponies. But where are the rubber dirnking straws, I can only see headcollars? Like the ones in the second pic but then, you know I have a soft spot for chunky, hairy native ponies!

  6. 2nd pic are ponies. I think that whether they are horses or ponies is mostly donw to height – If I recall *my* yuthful reading correctly, they are ponies if they are 14.2 hands or shorter, horses if they are taller.
    I don’t see the drinking straws but I know some horses have various kinds of headgear which slows down their grazing,to allow them to graze without overeating. Maybe its something like that?

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