We’re on our way

Now, why am I going to link to an interview which most of you can’t read*? Or tell you about a book review with the same problem?

Because it would be a shame not to. Have I ever mentioned that the Resident IT Consultant likes books that are different from what I like? We dragged him off for some shopping as soon as he joined us on holiday. (That means he drove us to town where we ditched him, and went off to do our own thing, leaving him to do likewise.)

So he found a book, which he wanted to buy, and I let him, on the basis that I thought it’d make him happy and keep him quiet for a bit. It was about the place where we stay, so seemed suitable. Pretty pictures, if nothing else.

Haverdalsvy - omslag till Haver du sett Haverdal, av Ingrid Magnusson Rading

But, you know, we’d barely got back before he had to show me a map in the book and before I knew it, I found I was hooked. I began to read through the book for my own entertainment, rather than to just pretend an interest. It’s good, this Haver du sett Haverdal. It features places I know and people I’ve met, and is bursting with facts and beautiful pictures.

Then I mowed the grass one afternoon, and that is as good for the creative juices as ironing is. ‘I must interview her!’ I said to myself. If we are both in Haverdal at this time, I must interview Ingrid Magnusson Rading.

I trotted inside to check for means of contacting Ingrid and found a website for the book, including an about page different to what was in the book. I noticed the photo of her, which was different (=better) than the one in the newspaper. In a split second I realised that we had gone to school together, so I sent her a rambling email to that effect.

Before too long she was sitting on my sofa drinking tea and chatting non-stop. We even fitted in a short interview, but it was mostly chat. So, even though only five of my regular readers can read about Ingrid, or read the book, I still felt I should mention this.

The book is self-published, and has had two print runs in the less than two months it’s been out, and is currently oop, until the third edition comes (soon, I think). It is a fantastically well done job, both from the woman who decided she could write a book like this (her original intention was a small leaflet for private consumption…), and from her Resident IT Consultant who did all the technical, fiddly bits.

It’s a very professional book. And once someone has translated it into English, you can read it, but I would ask you to not all visit Haverdal at the same time. You’ll want to, but it’s a quiet-ish kind of place.

And now that I am back from there, I am already on my way elsewhere. Edinburgh, here we come! (I found last Saturday’s Guardian Review, where it said EIBF starts today [4th]. I nearly choked on my Weetabix.)

*I have been reminded that you can use online translation programmes. They aren’t all hopeless all the time.

5 responses to “We’re on our way

  1. You know, Google Translate goes a long way toward getting the jist of it. Although I still do not know what pillari work is.

  2. Ah, dear old Google Translate. I always forget.
    Pilleri is a funny word for fiddly bits.
    I am humbled. There I was, all asleep, and you were doing pilleri with google…

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