Silly Sunday

Spiderman called in at Charlotte Square on Sunday. (Sunday. What a joke. First we were lured into believing the weather would remain dry and bright. And then it rained… Have you any idea quite how soggy a blue carpet can become?)


Anyway, Spiderman’s Scottish cousin Mac turned up. (I consider it cheating to wear a kilt over such a nicely clingy pyjamas.)

Philip Ardagh and victim

What can I say? I never should have allowed it. I knew Philip Ardagh to be cruel, but I never imagined it would go this far.


5 responses to “Silly Sunday

  1. Caption competition…

  2. What caption competition?? Have you got a better one?

  3. Yeah yeah!! Caption competition! We should have one!

    (And if she doesn’t run one, I can on my blog… it’s technically my picture!)

  4. He seems to be indicating the true identity of MacSpider…

  5. Yes, I reckon I looked dead good in that kilt, and my jumping has really improved in the last few weeks.

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