Who wouldn’t want their own wolf?

Me! Not me, please!

But, other than scaredywitch over there, most people would want a wolf to call their own. I’m sure of that.

Emma Barnes, Wolfie

Lucie gets a wolf from her uncle. No, it’s a dog, obviously. Or is it a wolf? Can’t possibly be.

Anyway, she calls her wolf/dog Wolfie (Fang, in private). It’s a talking Wolfie, which is fairly unusual. And whatever Wolfie actually is, she (it’s a she) becomes a good friend to Lucie, and is generally a good citizen; helpful, decent, wise.

In other words, rather like a wolf.

But Lucie has a horrible bully for a neighbour, and word spreads that Wolfie the dog might actually be a wolf. And that’s not good. So Lucie and Wolfie need to sort things out.

This book by Emma Barnes  is very enjoyable, very funny and sweet, and just right for younger readers. Especially those who would like to have a wolf of their own.

Wolfly illustrations by Emma Chichester Clarke.

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