Martinmas drugs

I’d like to show you the drugs I sent with Daughter, for use this Martinmas term. (I think it’s so quaint with these terms for terms…)

2012 leisure reads

Following on from the session we had in the Scottish Parliament back in August, we fully agree with the use of books for medicinal purposes. They make you feel better. Probably much better than the stuff you get on prescription. (Even when prescriptions are free, as they are north of the border.)

Anyway, when exam nerves or essay stress take their toll, Daughter can grab one of the lovely titles you see above. (Guess which one is her own input?)

So, there are fairies and faeries, Irish and Scottish, and their cousins the angels. Nicholas Flamel, a Stockport cinema, cat people, various Victorian ladies, code breakers, resistance boys and ugly people. Keith Gray’s wonderful anthology. And the Doctor.

We think there is enough for one term. If not, I suppose she will actually have to buy a book. Shocking concept, but a feasible solution.

The photo is partly to make sure I get back what I sent out, but also to assist when I need to advise on which one to choose, according to specific needs.

4 responses to “Martinmas drugs

  1. I packed my youngest son off to university today. He was hugely disappointed at how small the bookshelves in his new room were; he had to put the overspill under the bed. I was more disappointed that he seemed to be the only eighteen-year-old being dropped off with a crate of books… perhaps he can encourage some of the others to read for fun as well as for coursework.

  2. I gather Daughter’s new room has less shelf space than the one last year. So it would seem that students don’t come with books, and the room designers know this.
    We need to start a revolution.

  3. Some very VERY good choices in there!

  4. You would think that…
    But you’re right.
    We just have good taste.

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