Passionate about Pashki – the Nick Green interview

We thank you for your patience. I am very aware of the time it has taken for this interview with Nick Green to see the light of a computer screen near you.

We have actually collaborated on the date for this, Nick and his publisher Keith Charters at Strident Publishing, and I. The third Cat Kin novel will be ready for you in October, and I want you nice and excited for its arrival.

Nick Green

In fact, I want people to appreciate that I haven’t even reviewed it here yet, despite reading it well over a year ago. I have reigned in my passion, and all that. (I might have mentioned it, a very little bit. It’s really good…)

But it’s not available just yet. So first you will have time to read about Nick in this interview. And any spare time you end up suffering from, can be put to good use (re)reading The Cat Kin and Cat’s Paw. (If you’re like me, and need any refreshing of facts and stuff.)

And I shall dust off my reviewer’s hat and see what I can say about the marvellous end to a tremendous trilogy. I can’t believe I shall finally be able to tell you what I’ve wanted to say for so long!

One response to “Passionate about Pashki – the Nick Green interview

  1. Uwe Werner Schierhorn

    Are you Nick Grenn, who interviewed the widow of Vasily Archipov?

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