Barry Hutchison – as funny as Billy Connolly; except he’s Scottish

Here, at long last, is my Barry Hutchison interview. The one I wanted to do because I like funny people. Funny as in humour, not odd, or anything.

Barry Hutchison

The only one being odd in this interview, is me. I got out of control not just once, but twice, almost (I mean, completely) disgracing myself. But Barry’s a nice man, and probably dismissed my behaviour as what you expect from elderly witches.

What’s lovely about him is that he has no idea how good his books are or how entertaining he is at events. (Or how short he seemed…)

To be honest, I don’t know how to get out of all this, so please just read and enjoy. Especially Barry’s books.

(The title quote is not mine. It’s something someone reported a child to have said about Barry. Not sure what Mr Connolly would think about it. The Scottish aspect. Not the funniness.)

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