Rosalind and the Little Deer

This is an Elsa Beskow story I didn’t know. I am guessing it’s because it has only recently become a book, even in Swedish. The pictures are obviously Beskow originals from almost a hundred years ago, but maybe they haven’t appeared in book form until now.

Elsa Beskow, Rosalind and the Little Deer

Rosalind is a little girl who, with the help of her grandfather, writes (draws) a story. It is about Rosalind, who has a little deer. The deer is accidentally frightened and runs off, and is captured by a wicked King, as creatures often are in picture books.

The deer refuses to eat and there is a reward for managing to feed it. And eventually things happen much in the standard picture book way; after a bad start, things work out in the end.

While, for me, the pictures don’t have quite the same magic as the ones from my childhood, I suspect this is the reason. Elsa Beskow should be enjoyed at a young age, and you will always feel that special tug at your heart, no matter how old you are. This will do the same for today’s young readers, tomorrow.


3 responses to “Rosalind and the Little Deer

  1. Lily LOVES Rosalind and her Little Deer. Even though it arrived courtesy of a real-life Witch …

  2. I’m very grateful for Lily’s scientific input, as I’m completely out of readers of the right age. The question is whether the parents can stick another fifty read-throughs. (Though I do suppose it’s a bit noir what with the prison scenes?)

    • Well, we’ve had about 13 read-throughs at this point, and everyone appears to be bearing up. The prison scenes, yes, are noir-ish, but – spoiler alert! – the happy ending tends to undermine the full-on noir impact.

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