Angel Fire

Lee Weatherly’s Angel Fire continues exactly where Angel left off. (In order to avoid spoilers I can’t say exactly where.) Willow and Alex are still on the road, and the angels are still trying to stop them. In a way this is a dystopia, because we are looking at a society led by angels, even though everything else is perfectly normal.

The action moves from the US to Mexico, which is why Willow senses she needs to go there. She dreams that she meets a(nother) gorgeous young man, with whom she has a lot in common. For me this will always be the book with two desirable love interests, because we already know Alex is irresistible, and now Willow has Seb as well.

Who will end up the lucky guy? She can’t have them both, can she? Maybe one of them has to die? Or turn out to be bad? I know which one I prefer. Alex needs  to start up an Angel Killer group in Mexico, since it appears the angels are concentrating their next big move on Mexico City.

There is less action in this book. Angel was a strong mix of action and romance, whereas here there is a lot of romantic anguish in the middle, between the drama that happened in Angel and the threat that is about to happen in Mexico. If you love romance, this will be perfect (and I’m guessing the ‘love stuff’ is still superior to that famous vampire romance we hear about so much), while there might be too little action for the more thriller-minded reader.

I’d have liked more car mechanics. And there is the inevitable decision Willow has to make about which boy she really loves, when she loves both Alex and Seb.

This is another page turner – all 700 of them – from Lee Weatherly. Although I have to protest her vision of Willow. She is no Amanda Seyfried. I’m still working on who she really is and will let you, and Lee, know when I’ve decided.

4 responses to “Angel Fire

  1. I enjoyed reading “Angel” immensely, but have been wary of picking up the next book for — well probably the reasons you give. I liked the mechanics, the action, and the lovey-stuff did less for me. (Then again, I’m not 14 however much I tell myself or behave otherwise…)

  2. It’s so easy to forget the age thing, isn’t it? But seeing Lee’s fans in Edinburgh reminded me of who she’s really writing for, and I think they are/will be loving this. And I gather the Alex v Seb situation wasn’t planned, but just happened when Seb appeared in Lee’s mind.

  3. Did we read the same book? My memory of Angel Burn is that it had more action than the first book, not less. Admittedly there is a complicated love story in the midst of all this, but I’m sure the body/halo count is higher, much higher, than in book 1. And also the mayhem seems to be more inventive – and spectacular.

  4. Oh yes, its much more violent. Far more angels bite the dust, so to speak. The mayhem, yes. I don’t want to give away what Lee does to Mexico City. So apart from the title, we must have read the same book.

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