Authors, authors everywhere

I already had two authors, plus one Son, on the go for Monday, when a third one said she wouldn’t mind meeting up. But that was not to be. The afternoon could only be stretched so much, and I was already overstretched.

First on the agenda was lunch with yet another Perthshire author. Elizabeth Wein left an incinerator meeting in Perth in order to eat a corned beef sandwich with me in Stirling, telling me all about her most marvellous book Code Name Verity, and showing me pilots’ stuff from the war and secret silk maps and everything. And I learned that Maddie lived just round the corner from me.

It’s as if it was meant.

Elizabeth Wein

We had a nice, if noisy, lunch in a traditional café (because of the war) and we talked, talked, talked. Elizabeth admitted to an interest in vintage underwear. Just so you know.

After lunch I had to hop on the train to Edinburgh, for some freshly baked cookies at Son’s and Dodo’s. The Lapsang Souchong was so smokey it set the smoke detector off. Or it might have been the cookies in the oven.

Grabbing my M&S sandwiches (sorry, I seem to talk a lot about food) I got on the 49 bus to the Royal Terrace Hotel, where Nicola Morgan was going to talk about brains.

I had been looking forward to sitting in the bar with Nicola and the other two people there, but contrary to Nicola’s modest expectations, her event sold out and I had to share her with loads of other people who also wanted to learn about the teenage brain. Pardon, the adolescent brain.

As it was, I sat at the back (Nicola had reserved me the most perfect seat in the corner, with my name on it and everything) munching goats cheese sandwiches as discreetly as possible, listening to Blame My Brain, which was so much more interesting even than I had expected. (I almost felt the Resident IT Consultant should have come too, and not just been used as a taxi service at the other end.)

Nicola Morgan

There is an explanation as to why teenagers appear to be unable to be more articulate than to say ‘uhh’ at all times. Even old Shakespeare noticed this.

I will return with more details on the prefrontal cortex front later this week. Just now I will leave you with a brief mention of the dainty little cakes Nicola had on offer afterwards. Some of us drank tea and ate cake (oops, eating again) while others bought books.

It was a nice walk back to Waverley, passing a pretty old church at the end of the cobbled street, and with a lit up path meandering up Calton Hill. If I’d known what I was doing, and if I had not had a train to catch, I might have investigated some more. As it was, this turned out to be my second foray into unknown book related territory at night in one week.

6 responses to “Authors, authors everywhere

  1. I want to hear the explanation about the teenage brain, especially if it sheds light on why, at that critical juncture in life, I apparently answered my younger sisters requests routinely with ‘tough it’.

    (We all just spent Thanksgiving together. I guess they got over it.)

  2. Luckily Nicola mentioned why you said that, so if you bear with me I can finally let you know. I also happen to know why you all got over it, as well.
    I suspect you’d be the perfect reader of Nicola’s book(s), Seana. I know I will be, despite having always been extremely pleasant and well behaved.

  3. Good to hear about these authors but almost as good to know what kind of sandwiches you ate so that we can imagine them exactly. Hooray for specificity! ( I love that word) So no need to apologise for mentioning food. The more the better as far as I’m concerned…

  4. Bookwitch, you were incredibly discreet with your sandwich. You were also inCREDibly discreet about your photographing! It was very good to see you and I can’t tell you how relieved I am that you found the talk even more interesting than you’d expected. Hooray!

  5. Great. I look forward to it. I already bought Codename Verity on your rec, but didn’t mention it because I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.

    But will…

  6. For a while Nicola, I thought you said I was INdiscreet with the eating. Jane, it was the chutney I worried about. I felt it smelled all over the place. And the stupid retro bag crackled far too much.
    Seana, when you do, you will wonder why you waited.

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