Two more bests

There are two more books I really feel deserve another mention for their general excellence. My ‘best of’ for the year is for children’s books. But 2012 had a lot of good books to offer, and some of them are for the ‘older reader.’

If I had had a best adult novel category, the award would go to Adrian McKinty for The Cold Cold Ground, which is as close to perfect as you get with a crime novel.

And I don’t often read reference books, but Books To Die For, edited by Declan Burke and John Connolly, is just that. A reference book to die for. Except we don’t want to die. We only want to read about the most fantastic crime novels, in which people might well die.

Those Irish know a thing or two about crime.

The Burkes at the Irish Book Awards

To finish off in style – it is the weekend, after all – I give you the glamorous face of Irish crime. The other one just writes books.


2 responses to “Two more bests

  1. I thank you kindly, ma’am. I think. Cheers, Dec

  2. Only joking. Lily can be proud of her parents. They won’t let her down when it’s her turn to face the cameras in front of those ‘commercials.’

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