Happy holidays

OK, people. I am resting. Not in the snow (we don’t have any) and not on this bench (it belongs to the neighbours). But I might have.

Bench in snow

What I’m trying to say is, I have nothing interesting to say. I have holidayed (not counting the kitchen duties, the recycling or the laundry) and I watched Borgen with Daughter, in order to facilitate the start of season two next week. (What do you mean you didn’t know?) (She didn’t watch back when, but is busy remedying this dreadful state of affairs.)

So that took time. I read. Not much, but I will get through my book before too long. We just need to give up on all this Christmas food. The Resident IT Consultant and the Grandmother are doing jigsaws, and I am letting them.

Basically, I have been uncharacteristically laidback. Yesterday I only remembered I needed to make dinner when it was almost time to eat it. I’d overlooked the fact that it doesn’t jump into the oven and from there on to the table by itself. (I was about to say I wish it did, but that would actually be quite scary. If you can imagine.)

Did a good deed in amongst all this lazing about. The neighbours’ daughter needs to bake a ski lift this week and their electric whisk broke, so I lent them mine. Pardon, the one belonging to the Resident IT Consultant. I married him, as well as his whisk. It’s an antique.

2 responses to “Happy holidays

  1. She is baking a ski lift?
    I am ready to rest after all the Christmas to do as well, but in retail there is this after season, which is called the season of gift cards and returns. It will go on for awhile.

  2. No, I got that wrong. I’m confused. She is baking the ski slope. Her father is making the ski lift to go on the (cake) ski slope. He described the work on the half inch pylons. Apparently this (wedding) cake is for friends who met on a skiing holiday. (We had sponge and cream and strawberries. Much easier.)

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